Sunday, December 17, 2006


On Sunday morning, December 17, 2006, syndicated radio host Jack Blood was Pepper sprayed and arrested by Austin PD. He received multiple injuries to his Face, hands, arms, back, and legs in a 12 hour ordeal in police custody.

Following an after party for “The Arab League” with many fans and supporters of Jack Blood at the Jackalope on Austin Texas’s famous 6th street, Jack was standing at the back alley exit of the club waiting to leave, and talking to fans. Out of nowhere a fight broke out between two Hispanic males and one Caucasian victim who turned out to be an employee of the Jackalope.

The victim was knocked unconscious by the two perpetrators who were continuing to attack the defenseless victim. Without any fear for his own safety, Jack Blood jumped in and fended off the attackers and chased them away while dozens of onlookers witnessed the mêlée.

As Jack was standing over the unconscious victim to protect him from any possible further attacks until an ambulance could arrive, an Austin Police officer (APD Harvey 4694) came rushing into the scene and without identifying himself, or asking questions of the gathering mob… Proceeded to pepper spray Mr. Blood directly in the eyes, before violently cuffing him and hauling him off to jail.

No attempt was made to investigate the beating, or to identify the suspects of the assault.

The Victim was rushed to Breckenridge Hospital with a broken Nose and multiple injuries.

Jack Blood was transferred from the county jail receiving quarters to Breckenridge Hospital for high blood pressure and hypertension, where he was rigidly handcuffed to a gurney for 4 hours. He was not allowed to use a restroom, and several officers told him he would have to urinate in his cloths, an unacceptable command. Bottled urine samples were later illegally obtained by the authorities against Mr. Blood’s will.

“I did not ask to go to the hospital and refused treatment” said Jack Blood. “As I was not given the proper respect by my jailers, I fought back by unleashing a 3 hour Info-Tirade against Officer Harvey, making sure to wake him up every time he closed his eyes to sleep. Fair is fair and I will admit that they had a tiger by the tail trying to hold me,” said Blood.

A bit of humor interjected itself into the story when the doctor treating Mr. Blood admitted several times to both Blood and his jailer that he was a “Big Fan” of Deadline Live with Jack Blood, heard daily on 100.1 FM in Austin Texas. He vouched for Mr. Blood’s character to no avail.

Jack was released Sunday Afternoon with a promise to appear later in the week to face charges of Public Intoxication. “Yes I had a few drinks,” said Blood, “But I was in no way intoxicated, or a threat to the public. Indeed I believe that I was doing the officer’s job by jumping in to save a defenseless victim of what may have been a racially motivated attack. There are multiple witness, including the victim who are prepared to back my story,” Jack went on to say. “I Plan to fight the charges and clear my name.”

If this is the kind of treatment that Americans are to receive when standing up to help a fellow citizen in need, then we do indeed find ourselves in troubled times. is currently awaiting a statement from the APD.

DEADLINE LIVE with Jack Blood airs live 2 – 4PM Central time on the Genesis Communications Network out of Minnesota, and can be heard for free in over 70 countries worldwide at or on AM and FM radio stations across the USA.


Blogger Conspiracysister said...

How can we express our contempt of such police stupidity?

3:05 AM  
Blogger said...

This is really disgusting. I hope Jack makes it to the studio today and tells us his story.

All police are not bad though, we have to remember that. We have to realize that most police are good people, and that they will not go through with the eventual police state that those who in power want to place USA under. It might be hard, but don't sterotype the police (or military) as all bad, because that will only work against our cause of freedom

5:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is totally insane.

i want to hear both sides of the story, but so far the media is mute.

I suspect that this will be another case of the police cheif defending the officer's actions.
because officers don't act like that if their normal environment is against such things. it's no coincidence that when stuff like this happens, you come to find out that it is strangly hard to get justice. the police are encouraged to do such things as this.

I would not be surprised if the officer knew it was jack blood before he got there and his agenda was to mess with the movement by making blood look like a criminal.

7:30 PM  
Blogger miriam said...

It could very well have been a set up. "Hey you two go beat up an employee; here's $50 bucks." I believe this. But watch the story become that the officer received a call of an assault, and found Jack Blood appearing to be the perpetrator. The officer acted in defense of the for this story.

2:50 PM  
Blogger Chad C. Payne said...


I have been posting to myspace pages, I've been emailing the local radio stations. I am upset and tired of the law enforcement thinking they are above the law and we are their ignorant helpless subjects. Tomorrow I will start with the exact APD station where Officer Harvey is employed and work my way up through the local,state and federal offices. If enough of us shout out we will be heard!!

Viva La Resistencia

10:42 PM  
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Blogger Rangel said...

Jack I know cops can be brutes. But all around its a blood lust. It is wise to turn to the Truth of Jesus words and his examples. Booze is another element so you might want to consider doing without esp. since you are a high profile figure.

11:20 PM  
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Blogger William Bunker said...

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