Monday, June 12, 2006


Directed, and Co Written by Robert Edwards, Starring Ralph Fiennes & Donald Sutherland . LAND OF THE BLIND is a satiric and timely political drama about terrorism, revolution, and the power of memory. In an unnamed place and time, an idealistic soldier named Joe (Ralph Fiennes) strikes up an illicit friendship with a political prisoner named Thorne (Donald Sutherland), who eventually recruits him into a bloody coup d'etat. But in the post-revolutionary world, what Thorne asks of Joe leads the two men into bitter conflict, spiraling downward into madness until Joe's co-conspirators conclude that they must erase him from history. The adage: Absolute power corrupts absolutely has never been demonstrated better than in this Film.

LAND OF THE BLIND’S “President for Life” is called “junior” and he seems to be an alchemy of George W. Bush, Kim Jong Il (He kidnaps and tortures movie directors to take credit for their work, making himself an auteur, and at 5’3’ score 50 points in a Pro basketball game…) and Nero.

Joe (Fiennes, who is brilliant) is the only protagonist in the film. Idealistic to a fault he falls from one useless control paradigm to another, and is ultimately persecuted because he refuses to choose sides. As in real life there is no difference between the oppressive Junior, and Thorne’s revolutionary Icon of the Sheople.

Clad in an orange Gitmo style jumpsuit in the film, Joe’s wife and child are taken from him, his body beaten, his mind thoroughly rinsed, and his identity ultimately erased.

Fiennes is familiar with the material. About the film’s social commentary, and relevance to current issues in the world today Fiennes said, “There is an argument for extreme measures, but I don’t see that the erosion of human rights has to be part of it.

It’s wrong for people who have tenuous connections or none at all to this whole issue to be imprisoned in Guantanamo without any access to legal representation. I don’t think that’s what we are fighting for.”

LAND OF THE BLIND asks a much bigger question than V for Vendetta, a question that is often avoided in patriot, or revolutionary circles… What will happen if we win?

IN a warning to patriots everywhere who hope to “take back their governments” and save the republic... Sutherland's character Thorne turns out to be just another dictator in waiting and after all his philosophizing and poetry-quoting in jail… the first thing he does is murder Junior, and end free speech. (Believe it or not I still haven’t given away the ending)

In a trend of movies all debuting in 06, a common thread seems to be accruing; exposing tyranny in a fictional realm to wake up the opiated masses. LAND OF THE BLIND has been taking the film festivals by storm, Tribeca, Cannes, The Human Rights International Film festivals have all awarded and applauded the film. I agree. This film is pure genius!!!

Of course I would have never heard of it had not the film’s director and co writer Robert Edwards hadn’t contacted me personally. He sent me a review copy and folks, there is going to be no denying a mass audience in the USA. In fact you must demand it be shown EVERYWHERE, including Universities, High Schools, and your local theaters.

Without the major funding and distribution of a Matrix 2, and 3, V for Vendetta, A Clockwork Orange, or Dr Stangelove… LAND OF THE BLIND is the right film at the right time (a phrase used frequently by the Neo Cons to “propel the propaganda”)

Robert Edwards is an interesting guy as well. Prior to becoming a filmmaker, Edwards served as an infantry and intelligence officer in the US Army, and was in a parachute infantry regiment in Iraq during the first Gulf War. After leaving the service he became a private detective, a telemarketer, and a nightclub doorman before attending Stanford University’s graduate program in documentary film in 1994. (Obviously the Tavistock Institute which is responsible for so much of today’s social engineering, and who funded Stanford from the get go didn’t have an effect on Robert.)

His 2001 short film “The Voice of the Prophet” (an expanded interview with Rick Rescorla, a veteran of three world wars and head of security for Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, and who was killed on 911 at the World trade center) was shown at the Sundance, Toronto, Human Rights and numerous other Film festivals and on TV around the world.

Robert is currently working adapting “The Bomb in my Garden” the memoir of one of the chief scientists in Saddam Hussein’s nuclear weapons program, for Warner Brothers and Johnny Depp’s production company Infinitum Nihil. His script “Trust” about FBI Counterintelligence (COINTELPRO) agents in the Cold War to be directed by Neil LaBute.

Robert will be joining me on my syndicated talk radio show, “DEADLINE LIVE with Jack Blood” hopefully this week of June 12th 2006.

At the risk of sounding somewhat over the top, I have to say the LAND OF THE BLIND is the best film I have seen since The Matrix 1. It is not yet released to the general public, but look for it and get the word out. Stanley Kubrick finally has someone worthy to carry the torch of film-making that exposes the Orwellian world in which we find ourselves, and proves once and for all that Art imitates Life!


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