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Is it possible that for the last four plus years that we have been going about this thing all wrong? We have complained tirelessly about the establishment media cover-up of the facts, ALL the facts about September 11th 2001. We have waited for them to “see the light’ and come over to our side, or hoped that the right information, delivered by the right pen, or profile might open the door to long awaited coverage to debunk the Bush administration’s conspiracy theory about 19 Arab high-jackers armed with box cutters, took down four of the most highly defended buildings in the world.

Now thanks to one brave woman in Durango Colorado we might be witnessing a full on epiphany cum reality, the stage is set.

Judith Pfeif, no relation to Barney Fife, has taken the infowar to a new level for 911 truthers as she takes on Colorado’s Durango Herald. Armed first with a petition, and when that didn’t move the editors at the Esteemed Durango Herald, a civil suit in small claims court… Judith Pfeif has become the paper’s worst nightmare: A citizen with national support that wouldn’t take it anymore!

Judith became aware of the 911 controversy when researching why our young men and women were REALLY fighting in Iraq. (Judith's Daughter in in the U.S. Army currently)

Says Judith, "

I have sent her every DVD I received as soon as I had it to send and have been
sharing the truth over e-mails and now she is avoiding me like the plague.
They have truely stolen my daughter with the BIG LIE."

As she peeled the proverbial onion back a few layers, she, like most of us, realized that the American people, and the people of the world were not only not told the whole truth, but indeed our bloated, centralized, and consolidated establishment media were covering for the administration, and therefore depriving good people everywhere of the information needed to make a judgment about what happened that fateful day.

Yes, NOW you can get all the facts with a quick google search of 911 (Results 1 - 10 of about 102,000,000 for 911, the first few of which are Government, Michael Moore, and

BUT… people are still conditioned to believe only what they see in the newspapers, and depend on them to tell the truth. ALL of the truth. Unfortunately that is where it all begins, and once one’s appetite is whetted by the other side of the story, they crave more, and go off googling… But in the end it is a Newspaper’s responsibility to be objective, even if it means going against the government’s wishes, as the media has a job to be that “check and Balance.” It is their responsibility to cover ALL sides of a debate, not just the sides they themselves believe, or have been coerced to believe!

Judith initially tried writing a letter to the editor, (we have all done that) nothing. She then gathered over 200 hundred signatures on a formal petition (many from strangers she was brave enough to confront) and she arranged a meeting with the Durango Herald editor, and publisher. They made nice with Judith and her colleagues, and then gave them the ol’ “Don’t call us, we’ll call you” routine.

Not to be detoured, Judith filed a small claims court lawsuit against the paper for negligence in not providing what could be life or death information to the citizens of Durango Colorado, in that the sons and daughters of the community have and are going to war and giving up their lives, and liberties based on a lie. She says she filed in small claims court because the judiciary gives her no other options. I suspect this is not true and that eventually a case like this could be heard by the Supreme Court, but be that as it may, if the Durango Herald loses they will pay a symbolic 7500.00 in damages (to cover the time and expenses to do all the research herself), and most importantly... They will have to admit they are wrong. Judith is representing herself “Pro Se.”

The suit itself is only a token gesture I know, and it is unlikely (but still possible), that a judge would rule in favor of Judith Pfeif… Though the pressure that can be brought to bear on one corporate news organization by this and the wave it causes might just be the silver bullet in getting out the facts. Just the facts Mam – Right.

I interviewed Judith on my nationally Syndicated radio program on May 16th 2006 on the Genesis Communications Network and the excitement was contagious. We gave out all of the contact information for the Durango Herald who is now getting inundated by phone calls, emails, and snail mail calling for the Whole Story of 911 be laid out in their current production of birdcage liner.

We await the verdict. Will the Durango Herald succumb to our relentless pressure; or will they stand their ground.

Judith Pfeif, if nothing else, has proved that one person can create change... Not governments, or principalities, but one person can lead the charge to demand answers in their own community!!! And therefore retain liberty, and accountability in society today.

The moral to the story is that the more pressure put on the status quo, the better... Which is why I have written this out. That all who read this will join us in putting these creature’s hooves to the fire and making them ACCOUNTABLE for lies by omission pertaining to 911. That all local news outlets might suffer the same fate until they come clean and open up the debate.

We have come a long way since the beginning when no one would listen to our call for truth. Millions have joined in the fight, and millions more are waking up to the horrible truth everyday. Elements in our own Government, including George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, CondiLIEzza Rice, and General Richard Myers… are the real terrorists! The polls prove this; the nervous choir of the establishment shills is palatable! The cockroaches fear the light of the facts which are coming out hourly.

Judith has of today served the 3 officers (Two owners and an agent) of the Durango Herald her lawsuit, and is waiting for a response. Will YOU have her back? Are you so busy or so cynical that you won’t make a call, or write a letter to let the Durango Herald know that Judith isn’t alone?

It doesn’t matter where you live, what part of the 911 conspiracy that you believe, or what you do already. The only thing that matters is that when one of us is in the fight, we all jump in and guarantee a win.

To Write the Durango Herald: 1275 Main AveDurango, CO 81301

To Call: (970) 247 – 3504

To Email letters to the editor:


Here is a sample of what I wrote:

Dear Editor,

It has come to my attention that you refuse to print the entire story as it pertains to 911, and the CONSPIRACY perpetrated by the Bush Administration; IE: That 19 Arab high-jackers with box cutters destroyed 4 of the most heavily defended buildings on earth. (The Pentagon, WTC 1, 2, and specifically Building 7 - which was not even hit by an airliner!)

We support Judith Pfeif's efforts to see that you, even once, will print ALL of the relevant questions regarding 911, and the massive, glaring cover-up perpetrated by the 911 commission.

To help you get started I would like to recommend a few good sources of those, unlike you, who were up to their responsibility in reporting what REALLY happened on 911, and just as importantly… What DIDN’T happen on that day.

9/11 ATTACKS - Avoiding the hard questions

Pakistan weekly spills 9/11 beans

Former Reagan Treasury Secretary Questions Twin Towers Collapse

The Destruction of the World Trade Center: Why the Official Account Cannot Be True - by Dr. David Ray Griffin

Russian General: Nine Eleven a Globalist Inside Job

150+ 9/11 Smoking Guns - Found in the Mainstream Media

DOD Staffer's Notes from 9/11 Obtained Under FOIA

911 REVISITED: At 40 minutes, this free video presentation is a MUST SEE for all who might believe the "official Story"


World trade Center 1993 - the real deal.: Jack Blood interviews Webster Tarpley (Scholars for 911 Truth)

To name just a few....


1# - You risk being behind the curve, getting on board last will damage your credibility with your readers!

You are already losing many young readers to the internet, why not do something to stop the bleeding?

2# - Kids are DYING in wars justified by 911, and all of us are losing our liberties, including YOU!

3# - The Unholy cost of this thing, and all that it represents.

4# - We will no doubt be hit again by the very same perps, and need to warn an unsuspecting public that this all could be an "Inside Job"

Please consider this info and STEP UP TO THE PLATE AS THE MIAMI HERALD HAS DONE.


Most respectfully yours in Truth,

Jack Blood

Syndicated Radio Host - Genesis Communications Network


NEW DEVELOPMENT JUST IN: The Durgano Herald has just published a story about the lawsuit filed by Judith Pfeif. They say they will defend the newspaper against it's readers. (MAKE THIS IMPOSSIBLE FOR THEM BY WRITING AND CALLING TO LEND YOUR SUPPORT!)


This is a VICTORY as it begs the question, IS THE DURANGO HEARALD COVERING UP 911?
Inquiring minds want to know!

MORE INFO:;article=101332;title=APFN

NEWEST DEVELOPMENT: A new take on newspaper warnings

Dave Danforth -Sat 05/20/2006 09:01PM - Aspen Daily News

They sued a Durango newspaper this week for covering up the 9/11 investigations. What's next?

A woman named Judith Pfeif -- no phone number listed -- claimed that somehow the paper had suppressed her theories as to how the attacks came to be. The suit was filed on behalf of the "Durango 9/11 Group," with 193 signatures.

Let the games begin.

The suit stands little chance, we all know. But it raises a fascinating issue: When may publishers be held accountable not for what they printed, but for what they did not?

Could anyone sue the Durango Herald not for what showed up, but for what didn't?

The case was filed in small claims court, where damages are limited to $7,500. Small claims judges usually don't hear cases in which outfits are accused of libel or negligence, but that doesn't mean they can't.

It's a long shot to claim that a paper that avoids the latest conspiracy theory must have somehow hurt someone. Ms. Pfeif is claiming that she was hurt because she trusted the paper to warn her off something. That's not the worst claim someone could make.

It could be that publications can't win. Often warned that they could get into legal trouble because of what they run, now comes a case that claims the reverse: that the paper was so trusted that it had a duty to warn readers off a bad thing.

This would mean that -- forbid the thought -- a paper had became so trusted that its readers counted on it to disclose all the woeful schemes that might hurt them.

Let's say that city planners knew of a huge development proposed for several blocks at the edge of town. Now let's also say that the paper had heard about it, but didn't run a story immediately. The lingo in use didn't make sense to anyone without an advanced planning degree.

If the project got built too high, do we sue the paper instead of the developer or city? Or do we sue as many as possible?

Now let's say that reporters had heard about a scam around town, but hadn't quite nailed it down. The scammers were interviewing hungry renters each hour over the weekend for a deal too good to be true: $1,500 for a luxury four-bedroom joint with deluxe mountain views. The scammers take off down the road Sunday night after cashing a dozen security deposit checks, leaving anxious renters to descend on their newfound abode, all at the same time, all with copies of the same keys.

Would the paper have a duty to sniff out such a scam?

Now let's say that a vacuum salesman gets indicted for sleazy sales tactics. To get out from under the rap, the operator agrees to blow town. He splits -- to ZIP code 81611.

He resurfaces here selling a new brand of computer called Peach. Several dozen Peaches are sold before they start mysteriously quitting without provocation. He agrees to repair all Peaches so afflicted, but each bill runs at least $500. When customers refuse to pay, the Peachy merchant blames the software and refuses to return the afflicted computers without getting what he demands.

Should the paper run the story, contact prosecutors over stolen property, or both? What if does neither?

Next, a large consortium called International Ritzless appears. It picks up a few key properties downtown and assumes the mantle of downtown savior. It will cure all woes by building a project that few will be able to resist. Its glittery development will represent nirvana for all buyers and will leave real-estate types drooling with envy.

On the eve of the next local election, International Ritzless throws a few thou into the coffers of likely winners to assure it is justly remembered.

The project passes and gets built, but begins to immediately crumble before its first winter passes. It takes a professional sleuth five layers of legality to determine that the key developer once sold used carpets before being run out his prior town. He had no assets except a voice carrying sweet melodies. That is, of course, until arriving in ZIP code 81611.

The paper had heard a rumor about a carpet salesman making the rounds, but accepts a warning from the operator's lawyer to print nothing without the most thorough investigation. It comes too late for the salesman's customers.

Now, a distraction comes up. You hear from the paper that there's a plan to re-pave a tight curve in town. This would allow you to save 12 seconds on your trip, but you're on a tight leash and suspect those 12 seconds could mean your job. On your next trip, you navigate the curve as if you mean business, but you take it too tight. A too-high curb clips your bumper. When it drops off, you visit the small claims clerk and name the paper.

All over the land, corporate owners are looking to save money by laying off newspaper reporters. They don't admit this, of course, preferring such niceties as "buyout offers" and other inducements to early retirement.

You don't care, because the exact number and nature of local writers prowling around doesn't concern you. Particularly because some of them might be classified as "bloggers," which loosely means they don't check out what they write. It ranks, after all, as opinion, and opinion is protected free speech.

Writers traditionally get sued for what gets into print. "Slander" is a companion legal problem based on speech. The standard partly rests on how they might have hurt you.

In Durango, Ms. Pfeif is proposing a new standard in her claim against the Herald. Whether she knows it or not, she's contending that you trusted the writers to warn you off something. When they don't, that hurts.

Around here, we take that as a compliment.


Blogger Ringwind said...

Google Search: "Arrest Bush 41"

3:50 PM  
Blogger Howard Dean said...

You people make me laugh. Who is "Judith Pfeif"? Some nut, that's who. A woman who needs MEDS, not making trouble in a court of law.

I would bet right now that the judge throws a book (not the book, but a book) at this loon and tells her to pay the paper's legal bills for making such indecent crap up out of whole cloth.

Yeah, 9/11 WAS a conspiracy. 19 Muslims killed 3,000 people by hijacking 4 airplanes. They would've killed more. Wait - didn't you hear that bin Laden has admitted being behind it? Pretty convincing evidence, if I do say so myself.

12:02 AM  
Blogger Dr Jay said...

It is obvious that this kook knows nadda!

Wait until the next chapter opens and you can add catsup to your words as you eat them.

Dr Jay


Dr Jay Reporting

June 15, 2006

After days of roller coaster thinking, some mixed emotions, and all the adversity the energy of lies and corruption can muster up, today, Judith Pfeif and Community filed a NOTICE OF APPEAL in the District Court of La Plata County in Durango, Colorado. It was a day of success and another step forward in the war for Truth.

The only sad part of this picture is that all day today Judith went around town to try and find someone to help her fill out the paper work and could not find any help from the so called legal aid organizations at all. It really is not that big a deal, but it does take determination which is what she was all about this day. Luckily, this writer showed in time to get the proper funds and papers filled out to be filed by the deadline of fifteen days in which she had to file the Appeal. We had the support and sponsorship of several of our esteemed good neighbors.

And the word of the day is, TOUCHDOWN!!!

The NOTICE OF APPEAL-CIVIL ACTION has been filed today and all parties have been notified via US Mail. See the attached pictures of the actual document. We will await word from the court telling us all when to file a brief. The strategy begins like this:

Your Honor,
We have returned to ask that this Court REVERSE THE DECISION made by Magistrate Walker for THESE reasons and the FOLLOWING LEGAL ARGUMENTS.:

The Defendants have violated and blatantly disregarded several of the COLORADO RULES OF PROCEDURE FOR SMALL CLAIMS COURTS. The PLAINTIFF REFERS THE COURTS ATTENTION TO SMALL CLAIMS RULE 520, SUBSECTIONS (a) (B) and (D). RULE 515 Default AND JUDGMENT Subsection (a), and RULE 504-Subsection (C) all of which are respectively quoted here and are verifiable at the State of Colorado Courts Website.

And it gets better after that. Judith and her advisory team only have God to thank for this drive forward and the guidance. We feel that the case for Rules Violations in her Trial by the Defendants is strong. According to what the Rules say, the Defendants have clearly done a No-no, or two, or possibly even three.

Anyone wishing to pitch in on writing the brief will be listened to and gratefully appreciated. Send this writer a note. It is no secret that God does work in mysterious ways, and through the actions and generosities of others. Gratitude feeds the Wheel of Good Fortune. The rightful guidance through this appeal and the support of our good sponsorship is something to be eternally grateful for. Stay tuned for more in the on-going story of Judith Pfeif and her Organizations efforts to stand up against the local rag media gatekeepers of Truth and their cheating attorney. This is a battle for Our Rights and the Truth. Pray she wins this one for America.

In Humble Service,

Dr Jay

9:33 AM  
Blogger Dr Jay said...

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9:34 AM  
Blogger Paul V. Sheridan said...

I am very happy to see that Howard Dean has expended so much personal (and public?!) effort regarding the truth of how 3000 people were murdered on September 11, 2001. Clearly he is a patriot of the highest order. However, he appears to have relied upon the very persons directly responsible for those murders as his source. Persons such as George Bush, Dick Cheney, Condi Rice, Donald Rumsfeld and others, such as, what, the 911 commissioners(?), come to mind as the sources relied upon by Mr. Dean. Alternatively, Dean apparently does NOT rely on the FBI for his information, especially as his diatribe of Ms. Judith Pfeif relates to Osama bin Laden. I recently conducted an exhaustive research project of much publically available FBI information, only to find that the FBI makes no official evidentiary link between bin Laden and the murdering of 3000 people on 911; see: Perhaps Mr. Dean has succumbed to the "slam dunk" disease that once overtook the Bush "administration" when the latter was seeking to connect Iraq's Saddam to 911 via a fellow named George Tenet of the CIA. Perhaps Mr. Dean can tell us how it came to be that a mere five corporations now control the flow of so-called "major" news bureaus in the United States. I believe this latter fact should help Dean recover from his "slam dunk" inflictions . . . poor fellow.

11:42 AM  
Blogger Judith Pfeif said...

I just tweeted President Trump and attached two of the first articles written about this lawsuit. Tomorrow I will scan the others and ask him to please address the missing 28 pages of the 911 Commission Report and reveal and resolve to the American People and the World about the 911 Cover Up and who were the criminals involved, domestic and foreign.

11:20 PM  

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